March 18, 2021

Episode 41: Legend of Zelda Collections


Episode 41 is dedicated to Zelda, the franchise that has introduced millions of people to video games. Somehow we had through 40 episodes without talking about Tingle. Who could forget the first time they heard the iconic overworld theme or the feeling they had when exploring the worlds Nintendo have given us to explore. We are specifically talking about the 'Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition' and the 'Ocarina of Time Master Quest' on the GameCube. The series turns 35 this year, and we want to celebrate by sharing our memories of adventuring in the land of Hyrule and Termina in Nintendo classics such as Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Mike and Neil sit down to look back on their experience with Zelda. They also discuss the etiquette of free stuff at the side of the road and the real meaning of 'bi-weekly'. We are joined by our friend of the show, Twitch streamer @CPawx to talk about his memories of The Legend of Zelda and his Twitch channel! 


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