December 2, 2021

Episode 75: Bionicle & Lego


United in duty. Bound in destiny. This is the way of The GameCube Was Cool Podcast! In episode 75 Mike and Neil sit down and look back at a time when Lego was giving us some great sets like Star Wars, Lego Racers and even throwing out their own properties at our 8 year old brains which were ready for fighting robots we could collect, build and play with on the schoolyard, see them in movies and play the games on our consoles. The Bionicle games were not as special as the toys we had on our shelves, but they were all we had of a series that was arguably way ahead of its time. One that we would love to see come back to our modern consoles so we can join the Toa in their adventures once again. Mike and Neil also sit down and discuss Christmas trees, Knights of the Old Republic, and more in this diamond jubilee episode.


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