January 20, 2022

Episode 81: Platformers


3D platformers ruled the industry in the early 2000s. Spyro, Crash, Mario, the genre was omnipresent and the population ate them up. Though the formula was fading, the GameCube played host to countless platformer games with franchises such as Frogger, Tak and the power of Juju, and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. Neil & Mike talk about 3 games from each of these franchises for a total of nine game for the cube, that range from okay, to surprisingly very good! Frogger: a classic arcade game that failed to fully make the leap to home consoles in this generation, Tak: a game that eventually became a Nickelodeon cartoon, and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger: a unique foray into the Australian eco-system that recently had two of it's games remade. All this and more on Episode 81 of The GameCube Was Cool Podcast.


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