April 15, 2021

Episode 45: MLB Baseball Games


America's favourite past-time found itself on the GameCube on launch day all the way to the console's end in 2006. From the All Star Baseball franchise, to one offs like Home Run King, and of course EA's MVP Baseball, there were 7 ways in North America to walk on to a diamond, on a cube. We are joined by friends of the show Jason and Jed to discuss their memories of baseball games from back in the day and where we think baseball games will be on future Nintendo hardware. We of course talk about how despite the Show still selling like 'gangbusters' MVP Baseball 2005 is regarded as the high point in baseball video games by basically every major publication (even MLB.com!). Neil kicks off the episode with the back of the case segment and is later joined by Mike to talk about snapping game discs and our first every Patreon-supported opening topic! 


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