June 10, 2021

Episode 53: Mike & Neil Memories and Games we Really Want to Play

Want To Play This

We all have games on consoles that we would love to play but have either never come across them in our local video game store or cannot bring ourselves to spend insane amounts on hard to find gems. Mike and Neil sit down today to talk about a few games they came across while researching the GameCube and would love to check out someday. These hidden gems in the GameCube library include; Ultimate Muscle, Freaky Flyers, Grooverider, Gladius, and Shamu's Deepsea Adventures. At 1:11:43 Mike and Neil celebrate their 20th year of being best friends... That is correct, they met before the GameCube came out! All this and more in epsiode 53 of The GameCube Was Cool Podcast.


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