September 9, 2021

Episode 66: Spyro Games

AA - Spyro

Enter the Dragon. It's been 23 years to the day that Spyro first graced the PS1 and Mike & Neil are here dive head first into the purple dragon's history, games (the good and bad) and his future. The episode starts off with the boys welcoming friend of the show Andy to talk about the original trilogy and then transitioning to the 3 GameCube games. Friend of the show Quinn joins the pod for the first time to discuss terribly disappointing Enter the Dragonfly and the show moves along to talk about A Hero's Tail as well as the second Spyro trilogy starting with Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (featuring the voices of Elijah Wood, Gary Oldman and Mark Hamill?!?!). It's a jam-packed, nostalgia-filled trip that will hopefully leave you with some knowledge bombs and thinking just a little more highly of Spyro and the Insomniac team who gave him life. 


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