January 13, 2022

Episode 80: Hitman & Stealth Games


Shhhhh. Sneak by the guard and check out today's episode all about stealth games. First up, the first console release of the Hitman series comes in the form of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin that made it's way to the GameCube 20 years ago. Neil & Mike discuss this beloved franchise and how the games somehow seem to keep getting even better as time goes on. Friend of the show Dylan makes an appearance to talk about Silent Assassin as well as his involvement with "Extra Life", a 24 hour gaming session every year to help raise money for Childrens charities. The boys also cover two more stealth genre games: Rogue Ops and Second Sight, the latter is a game made by New Radical Design, makers of TimeSplitters and former Rare employees who created the legendary 007: Golden Eye. All this and more on the stealth episode of The GameCube Was Cool Podcast. 


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