November 4, 2021

Episode 71: Call of Duty & Shooters


COD! Those three letters have become a phenomenon in the almost two decades since the original Call of Duty was released. What started as a World War II PC only game eventually found its way to basically every console (except the Switch!) and has become the third best selling video game franchise of all time. Mike & Neil take a deep dive into the two GameCube games we got from Activision in this series: Call of Duty Finest Hour, a remade port of the original game, and Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, what many people thought was an expansion pack or side entry to the wildly successful COD2 but actually was a fantastic one player experience akin to the acclaimed Medal of Honor games of the day. Friend of the show Spenny joins us to recount how his history buff father loved playing this game, sometimes even on a stationary bike. The boys also cover one more game, Dead to Rights, a neo-noir shooter than didn't see to fit anywhere else except with it's COD cousins. Keep fighting the good fight soldier.


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