WELCOME TO the gamecube was cool!

Hosts Mike Laine & Neil Gilbert memorialize and remember the Nintendo GameCube and the early 2000s while attempting to read the back of 555 cases. Tune in every Thursday to hear us talk with some of our favourite people and learn new things.

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February 25, 2021

Episode 38: Wario Games & Game Collecting

WAHHH, BUY MY GAME. Weird, wacky and wonderful. That about sums up Wario, the loveable, fourth-wall breaking greedy nintendo character who's had quite the run with the unique WarioWare games and the hiddden gems of WarioLand and WarioWorld. On Episode 38 Neil and Mike sit down and chat with fellow podcaster, reviewer, and collecting aficionado RetroWolf88 to discuss Wario World, WarioWare Mega Party Game$, and collecting in general giving his take on the best and most efficient methods of creating your very own fully stocked GameCube library. Skip to to 38:05 to hear Neil read the back of WarioWare or Wario himself will "give ya a knuckle sandwich, punk".

February 18, 2021

Episode 37: Nickelodeon Games

If you grew up in the 80s, 90s or 2000s, Nickelodeon probably has a special place in your catalogue of childhood memories. From it’s vast assortment of classic cartoons, live action sitcoms, gameshows and original movies, the licenses were not shy to create dozens of video game tie-ins, nine of which The GameCube Was Cool Podcast will be covering in this epsiode! The early 2000s video game consoles were home to beloved franchises such as Fairly Odd Parents, Dora the Explorer, Avatar the Last Airbender and Nicktoons Unite. Mike and Neil sit down to rank their favourite Nickelodeon franchises, share some hot tips for maintaining driveways and discuss the news around the February 2021 Nintendo Direct! The episode starts off with a bang as Neil reads the back to the cases of all nine games. Skip to 33:29 to when we are joined by friend of the show Dan to talk about Rocket Power and to 48:58 when we are joined by friend of the show Jason to look back on The Rugrats. All this and more in Episode 37 of The GameCube Was Cool Podcast!

February 11, 2021

Episode 36: The Sims

The franchise that redefined the gaming industry and continues to sell like gangbusters today, The Sims makes it's way to The GameCube Was Cool with five titles! The original game, The Sims 2, and the expansion Pets are all remembered fondly by special guest Anneka who reminisces about "woohooing", making the grim reaper appear, and unexplained guinea pig viruses. More than just a game, the Sims, and SimCity before it completely changed the way people thought about the way video games should be played, paving the way for a whole new casual market of gamers and indirectly leading to the successes of Grand Theft Auto. Neil and Mike bask in the glory of the plum-bob while covering console only games "Bustin' Out" and "the Urbz". Skip to 1:11:20 to hear all of the backs of the cases for this remarkable franchise. 

February 4, 2021

Episode 35: 1080º Avalanche & SSX

Winter is here, and snowboarding is all around us! Take a journey back to a time when snowboard games were all the rage while featuring the Juno Award winning Canadian band 'Finger Eleven'. If you were a kid with a home console in the early 2000s, chances are you had a copy. This week we are joined by friends of the show Ali and Branan to share their memories of 1080º Avalanche, SSX 3 and SSX On Tour on the GameCube. Neil may need to re-think his favourite snowboarding game on the Cube, and Mike may finally have found a game he can ski in. Skip to 1:19:30 to hear the back of the case segment to some rad pop punk tunes. 

January 28, 2021

Episode 34: X-Men Games

Alone you are mighty, together you are legends. Neil, Mike, and Professor X take you back to a time before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when X-Men reigned over the box-office and the GameCube played host to six games featuring these uncanny mutants. The boys dive into the X-Men Legends series, a precursor to Marvel Ultimate Alliance and regarded as one of the greatest superhero games ever made. Friend of the show Harrison makes another appearance to talk about X-Men Next Dimension, a Dragon Ball Z-like fighter with a massive roster of characters. Listen to hear about Magneto, Nightcrawler, Storm, Kitty Pride, Wolverine and more on this very special episode. Skip to 1:07:19 to have Neil learn that Magneto is once again trying to take over the world.

January 21, 2021

Episode 33: Medal of Honor & Shooters

The late 90s and early 2000s was an important evolution in the military shooter genre in video games and there were only a few franchises treating the source material with real respect and care. Medal of Honor was the pinnacle for retelling the events of World War II while still being somewhat historically accurate and respectful to those who served. Neil and Mike are excited to share their knowledge and memories of playing these games as kids and finding out years later how they share DNA with Spielberg's 1998 film ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Skip ahead to 31:16 to when we are joined by our friend Josh from the Still Loading Podcast to share his memories of the Medal of Honor franchise and what lead to its unfortunate fall from grace after the GameCube generation.

January 14, 2021

Episode 32: NHL & Hockey Games

Hockey is back and so are Mike & Neil on this very special episode of The GameCube Was Cool. There was a time where NHL games had the perfect balance of arcade-y-ness and realism and NHL 2004 seems to embody it like no other. So much so that you can still play and mod the game today! As a special surprise, in-game arena announcer for the NHL series Jon McComb is on the show to take us through his experience working with EA and even gives us a "last minute of play in the third period". Mike & Neil are also joined by friend of the show Marty Thompson and prolific hockey writer and author of Minds Behind The Sports Games, Patrick Hickey Jr. to give their takes on the EA NHL series as well as NHL 2K3. Skip to 16:57 to hear Patrick or to 1:26:20 to hear Jon!

January 7, 2021

Episode 31: Mario Party 4, 5, 6, & 7

Mario. Party. Two words in the english language that immediately conjure up images of happy nostalgic times, or the ending of friendships. Today Mike & Neil dive into the #1 cause of divorce and talk about Mario Parties 4 through 7. The boys detail their own memories of owning some of these games growing up as well as talking about the history of the franchise and what Nintendo will do with the massively successful Super Mario Party for the Switch. Friends of the show Harrison, Nichola, and Jed swing by to discuss who will play Waluigi in his biopic and if that mic for Mario Party 7 ever actually worked for anyone. It's also Mike's birthday so he gets a turn at reading some of the backs of cases. Skip to 1:10:35 to hear details about Toadsworth's final cruise.

December 31, 2020

Anticipated 2021 Games

The GameCube Was Cool Podcast is taking the rest of December away from their regular content to sit at home and stare at a wall or something. This week Mike and Neil sit down and discuss their goals for 2021, games they are looking forward to and maybe decide once and for all if Candy Canes are the worst candy ever made. This year if you downloaded an episode, commented on our social media posts, and or bought a t-shirt, we just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! We will be back next week on January 7th with our regular GameCube content.

December 24, 2020

Games & Consoles as Gifts

The GameCube Was Cool Podcast is taking the rest of December away from their regular content to buy more coffee mugs and shovel in snowstorms, because that's what we love to do in Canada. This week, Mike and Neil sit down to talk about some Christmas memories they have from the years gone by. From when we were in first grade, to gifts we received in our 20s. The boys also kick things off with a little Star Wars talk... Nerds!! We hope you are all having a safe and happy Christmas, all the best and thank you for supporting us this year! 

December 17, 2020

2020 Year in Review

The GameCube Was Cool Podcast hosts are taking the rest of December away from our regular content to eat cookies and watch Die Hard, so here is Side Mission Part 2! Here is a lookback of our 2020 highlights (yes there were a few)! All our favourite episodes so far, games, albums, movies and TV shows from the year all for your listening enjoyment while you wrap gifts or do some last-minute online shopping. 2020 was a bit of a cluster f***, but we still had a few highlights nevertheless. We started the best GameCube podcast on the internet, and didn't really understand Tenet... There we said it. Next week come back for Side Mission Part 3! 

December 10, 2020

Episode 30: The Polar Express & Other Holiday Games

All aboard!!! Join Mike and Neil as they talk about The 1985 classic book The Polar Express and all of its adaptations, including the poorly received GameCube game from 2004. While the game may not have lived up to the movie its based on, there's still plenty to talk about for this festive episode. The boys talk about their memories associated with The Polar Express and bring up some other Christmas-themed games like Home Alone for the Genesis, Arkham Origins, and Elf Bowling! Who could forget Elf Bowling (also, there's a movie??). Skip to 40:40 to hear Neil read the final back of the case for 2020!

December 3, 2020

Episode 29: Movie Tie-Ins 2001-2002

Yippee ki yay GameCube lovers. Mike & Neil discuss the finer points of some of the most mediocre games ever made. These are Movie Tie-In games, 9 to be exact, that were released between 2001 and 2002 for the GameCube. In addition to everyone's favourite Christmas movie Die Hard, there are some other 80s movies turned into games such as Top Gun and Rocky. In addition we have some classic 2002 movies such as Minority Report and a few duds like BloodRayne, Reign of Fire, Driven, and The Scorpion King. To round it all out the boys get to talk about the seminal Phill Collins' soundtrack to Tarzan which is unfortunately not in Tarzan Untamed. Skip ahead to 4:40 if you don't feel like hearing Neil read the back to all these cases.

November 26, 2020

Episode 28: Ribbit King & Other Strange Games

In a time before Twitch and YouTube, you needed to stumble through games blindly until you found one which was that diamond in the rough. Sometimes, you couldn't rely on Mario or Link to bring you that amazing video game experience. So you would take a risk on the last game blockbuster had that day. If this sounds familiar, you may have played such classics as; Doshin the Giant, Darkened Skye, Dr. Muto, Alien Hominid, Metal Arms or everyone's favourite Frolf game Ribbit King! Mike & Neil and several guests are here this week to cover 6 weird titles on the Nintendo GameCube. Skip to 44:56 to here Josh; host of the 'Still Loading' podcast talk to us about Metal Arms Glitch in the System. Then listen to friend of the show Marty take on the back of the case segment with an avant-garde reading of Ribbit King at 1:40:06. 

November 18, 2020

Episode 27: James Bond: 007 Nightfire

Don't love me, quietly...There's really nothing quite like it: the characters, the levels, the weapons, the story. 007 Nightfire stands the test of time as no other shooter does. An infinitely replayable masterpiece and the game that Mike & Neil have sunk more hours into than anything else in their lives. The time has come to reminisce and rave about this unique and underappreciated game that often gets overshadowed by the other great James Bond game, N64's GoldenEye (and we know what Mike thinks of the N64). The boys are joined by guests Jason, Nichola, and Mike's cousins Matt & Jeff to discuss what impact Nightfire has had on their lives and how it will always hold a special place in all their hearts. As the longest episode so far with so much to say about this game, Neil's back of the case reading is all the way at 1:26:47.

November 12, 2020

Episode 26: Spider-Man Games

With great power comes great responsibility. Mike & Neil are proud to present the Spider-Man episode! The GameCube was home to Spider-Man games based on the 2000s Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies in addition to the hidden gem 'Ultimate Spider-Man'. Spider-Man was a significant character to us as young kids in the early 2000s and we are so excited to talk about what the games mean to us now as adults. Is Mike going to quit the podcast to become a world-famous ASMR YouTuber? Is Neil loading his dishwasher wrong? All this and more in episode 26 of The GameCube Was Cool Podcast. Skip to 36:36 to hear the first 'Back of the Case' segment.‍

November 5, 2020

Episode 25: Metroid Prime

Consistently ranked as one of if not the best GameCube game of all time, Mike & Neil are proud to present the Metroid Prime episode. Quite possibly the only AAA game that also falls under the category of a "cult classic" Metroid prime reinvented the first person shooter with a focus on exploration and adventure. With unique enemies, locales, and missions, Metroid Prime is one of the greatest achievements in bringing a beloved 2D character to life in a 3D world. The boys bring on friend of the show Curtis Johnson to discuss some of his favourite memories of the game while discussing Metroid's history as a franchise and what we hope to see going forward with Metroid Prime 4. Skip to one hour in to hear Neil read the back of the case.

October 29, 2020

Episode 24: Scooby-Doo! Games

Just in time for Halloween its Scooby-Doo games on the Nintendo GameCube! Quite possibly one of the most iconic cartoons of all time, this episode is a lookback on the cartoons, movies and games we all loved as kids. Neil and Mike reminisce with friend of the show Chris Pacheco about his memories of Scoob and the gang. The boys also finally have a few generous 'sponsors' for the back of the case segments. It's all here in Episode 24 of The GameCube Was Cool Podcast, and if you want to hear something REALLY spooky, listen to the into where Neil talks to himself, or skip to 49:54 to hear a spooky back of the case segment.

October 22, 2020

Episode 23: Resident Evil Games

Just in time for Halloween its Resident EVIL games on the Nintendo GameCube. Quite possibly one of the most iconic gaming franchises of all time, this episode features exclusives such as Resident Evil remake and RE Zero, as well as ports of Resident Evil 2, 3, and Code Veronica X (No RE4, saving that for later!). Mike reminisces with friend of the show Brian Tong about their playthrough of Resident Evil 1 way back in their college days and how they always had trouble getting past that weird eagle gem puzzle. The boys also bring on Ryan and Ben from the GamePunx podcast to discuss the games at length and learn some crazy facts including a "deaf" "composer", the Game.com system, and Neil's favourite horror game: Math Circus. It's all here in episode 23, and if you wanna hear something really spooky, skip to 56:02 to hear Neil read the back of RE1.

October 15, 2020

Episode 22: Crystal Chronicles & RPGs

Join Mike and Neil on a quest to discover ancient secrets about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and other RPGs for the fiercest game system in the land. In honour of its recent remaster the boys focus on the Square Enix classic and delve into the history behind a world where crystals seem to fix anything and gameboy advance players are needed to have fun. Friends of the show Jake and Zafir join the episode to discuss their memories of the game and the plans for its future. Baldur's Gate, Lost Kingdoms, Evolution Worlds, and Summoner are also touched on while Mike tries to guess which RPG has the longest main storyline. Skip to 54:45 to hear Neil go on his own Final Fantasy quest.