February 25, 2021

Episode 38: Wario Games & Game Collecting

AA - Wario

WAHHH, BUY MY GAME. Weird, wacky and wonderful. That about sums up Wario, the loveable, fourth-wall breaking greedy nintendo character who's had quite the run with the unique WarioWare games and the hiddden gems of WarioLand and WarioWorld. On Episode 38 Neil and Mike sit down and chat with fellow podcaster, reviewer, and collecting aficionado RetroWolf88 to discuss Wario World, WarioWare Mega Party Game$, and collecting in general giving his take on the best and most efficient methods of creating your very own fully stocked GameCube library. Skip to to 38:05 to hear Neil read the back of WarioWare or Wario himself will "give ya a knuckle sandwich, punk".


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