March 24, 2021

Episode 42: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Part 1


Perhaps the most divisive moment in Nintendo's history happened exactly 18 years ago when The Wind Waker was released in North America for the Nintendo GameCube. "Celda" as it was coined at the time was a massive departure from the console and the Zelda series' mature leanings. Despite this the game has gone on to slowly achieve more and more praise as the years have been kind to it's graphics which still hold up incredibly well on the GameCube. Neil & Mike have so much to say about this game that they split this episode in to two parts! Take a trip back in with friends of the show Matt and Ryan who discuss their fond memories of playing this gem and commiserate about how old this game is making us feel. Stay tuned for an even deeper dive into the creation of the game in part 2! This episode was sponsored by Beedle's Shop Ship. Inconveniently located in random areas of the Great Sea. We deal in pretty much anything and everything!


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