February 3, 2022

Episode 83: Chibi-Robo & Custom Robo

AA - Robots

The GameCube era was a time where Nintendo put their name behind a multitude of games that resulted in some great titles, and others that have been lost to time. In this episode Neil and Mike look back on two Nintendo published, GameCube exclusive "robo" games: Custom Robo; a gundam style mech game where the robots are very small, and Chibi-Robo; a charming genreless game of playing as a little robot and trying to make everyone happy. Both games have been largely neglected by Nintendo since their arrival on the cube and the boys want to try and rectify that. Jake, Brian, Matt, and Kira (@toonietwirls) join the episode to share their memories of these games and their frustration that it costs 400 dollars to buy Chibi-Robo today.


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