November 25, 2021

Episode 74: Metroid Prime Echoes


The GameCube was blessed with not one but two groundbreaking Metroid games. Prime which took the series on its head and introduced the world to a 3D Samus, and then it's sequel Echoes, which threw away the standard formula for the Metroid series instead replacing it with a much darker, difficult game that matched the original's critical success but failed to find the same audience in terms of sales. Mike & Neil are joined by three guests today, Jason G, a huge fan of the series who dicusses his earliest memories with the world's greatest bounty hunter, Marcello of GameCube Galaxy who talks about his love for the game and the GameCube in general, and enemy of the pod Ramon who's only touchstone with the franchise was Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and he has some hot takes for everyone. No Ridley, no Metroids, but Dark Samus and the dark world make this game one of the most interesting and polarizing on the GameCube.


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