November 26, 2020

Episode 28: Ribbit King & Other Strange Games

Strange Games

In a time before Twitch and YouTube, you needed to stumble through games blindly until you found one which was that diamond in the rough. Sometimes, you couldn't rely on Mario or Link to bring you that amazing video game experience. So you would take a risk on the last game blockbuster had that day. If this sounds familiar, you may have played such classics as; Doshin the Giant, Darkened Skye, Dr. Muto, Alien Hominid, Metal Arms or everyone's favourite Frolf game Ribbit King! Mike & Neil and several guests are here this week to cover 6 weird titles on the Nintendo GameCube. Skip to 44:56 to here Josh; host of the 'Still Loading' podcast talk to us about Metal Arms Glitch in the System. Then listen to friend of the show Marty take on the back of the case segment with an avant-garde reading of Ribbit King at 1:40:06. 


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