November 18, 2020

Episode 27: James Bond: 007 Nightfire


Don't love me, quietly...There's really nothing quite like it: the characters, the levels, the weapons, the story. 007 Nightfire stands the test of time as no other shooter does. An infinitely replayable masterpiece and the game that Mike & Neil have sunk more hours into than anything else in their lives. The time has come to reminisce and rave about this unique and underappreciated game that often gets overshadowed by the other great James Bond game, N64's GoldenEye (and we know what Mike thinks of the N64). The boys are joined by guests Jason, Nichola, and Mike's cousins Matt & Jeff to discuss what impact Nightfire has had on their lives and how it will always hold a special place in all their hearts. As the longest episode so far with so much to say about this game, Neil's back of the case reading is all the way at 1:26:47.


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