September 17, 2020

Episode 18: Animal Crossing


Ever wanted a game that simulates the thrilling aspect of paying off your debts? Well Animal Crossing for GameCube is what started it all. One of the most beloved franchises ever created, Animal Forest, as it was called for the Nintendo 64DD brings back lots of memories for Mike and some anger, and also respect from Neil. We bring on friend of the show Kyra to talk about the game's impact as well as our earliest memories of the franchise and how it's evolved from this to New Horizon. We also discuss our favourite characters, from Tom Nook, to Rover, to the greatest character ever created, Mr. Resetti. Celebrating 18 years since its debut in North America, it's clear that Animal Crossing stands the test of time as one of the most unique games ever made. Listen to Mike read the back of the case at 1:01:55 and hear him try his best animalese impression.


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