September 10, 2020

Episode 17: Madden & Football Games


It's time for some FOOTBALLLLL. To celebrate the start of the NFL season Neil and Mike are here to talk about twelve american football games for the Nintendo GameCube including the Madden Franchise, EA's & 2K Sports' NCAA College Football games, and NFL Quarterback Club. We bring on guests Harrison Tim and Brian Tong to talk about our favourite Madden games of the era (our's being Madden 06), as well as learn about the insane rivalry between 2K & EA at the time (with NFL 2K5 selling at 30 dollars less than Madden). We even discovered a new console, the Tapwave Zodiac, available at no retailers near you. If you don't want to hear Neil read the back of 12 similarly sounding cases, fast forward to 9:40 to kickoff the show!


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