August 26, 2020

Episode 15: Super Mario Sunshine


It's summer, it's August 26th, and the GameCube Was Cool is on the radio! Mike and Neil host a "live" show on KUHB, 97.8 The Cube FM to discuss the colourful, imaginative, and polarizing classic, Super Mario Sunshine. We have over a dozen different guests on the episode, some phoning in to discuss Bowser Jr.'s family tree, some leaving us voice mails regarding how Sunshine made the world a better place, and others who wrote in to mark the 18th birthday of this landmark title and give their thoughts about why they love it or why they hate it. Either way, Sunshine was a watershed moment in Nintendo's history and we're excited to talk about FLUDD for over an hour. Skip to 1h11 to hear Neil read the back of this tropical case.


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