June 18, 2020

Episode 06: Extreme Sports 2001-2002

Extreme Sports

Our third compilation episode features the defining genre of the early 2000s, extreme sports. We bring on friends of the show Gavin Brown and Victor De Jong for their extensive knowledge and memories of these games. From motocross titles such as Jeremy McGrath Supercross World and MX Superfly to snowboarding games like Dark Summit and SSX Tricky, as well as games by competing BMX legends Dave Mirra and Mat Hoffman. We even brought back Marty Thompson to cover his favourite franchise and talk a little about Disney Sports Skateboarding. But make sure to listen in at 41:12 to Neil reading the back of BMX XXX, a game that honestly belongs more on "How Did This Get Made" than here. For the rest of the games skip to the end to hear Neil sit by the fire and read out the back of each case while you listen to your favourite nu metal tracks.


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