November 16, 2023



Star Fox 64

First released way back on
April 27, 1997
Video Game

DO A BARREL ROLL! Join Mike & Neil as they team up with Fox McCloud, Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi and yes, even Slippy Toad to talk about one of the greatest N64 games of all time. Star Fox 64 took everything the SNES version had to offer and improved upon it while also creating an in depth world with colourful characters, amazing locales, and simple but highly entertaining gameplay. The boys are joined by friends of the show Dave and Luigi from the Remember 64 podcast to discuss why this game was so much fun in 1997 and just as much fun today. Unfortunately Star Fox the franchise has been mostly downhill ever since but 26 years on 64 still reigns as one of the best ever and still a must play today.

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