August 24, 2023



Japanese GameCube Games

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Mike and Neil have covered 555 GameCube games and this week they are adding to that number by covering five exclusive Japanese GameCube games. Nintendo Puzzle Collection - a colourful set of Yoshi's Cookie, Dr. Mario and Panel De Pon games, Kukurin Smash - a sequel to the GBA game that's currently on Switch Online services, Robocop - That's right, a Robocop game that is made by the same developers as Superman 64 so take that as you will, DreamMix World Fighters - an insane crossover featuring characters like Optimus Prime, Bomberman, and Simon Belmont, and finally Homeland - a online RPG game resembling a mix of Animal Crossing Cubivore and Doshin the Giant. The boys are joined by Marcelo from the fantastic YouTube channel @gamecubegalaxy to discuss these games in depth and lament why we never were able to get North American ports of them.

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