September 28, 2023



Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American

First released way back on
July 24, 2001

From one of the hardest hitting songs ever to open an album to a song known by anyone who grew up in the the 80s 90s or even 2000s to a beautiful ballad and an arena anthem, Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American has it all. Mike & Neil are proud to be finally covering one of their favourite albums of all time and they are joined by good friend of the show Brian to talk about the history of the record, break down some of our favourite tracks, and learn that the band was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2000 before this record help save them and their careers. Join us on looking back to a simpler time when every music video was a house party with a pool on this week's music episode of Unlocking What Was Cool.

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